Founded in 2022 by Richard Reyle and Gerry Spitzer, Questar Capital Partners is an independent wealth management team of highly experienced and credentialed financial professionals,

focused on helping successful people build and sustain their wealth throughout their careers and retirement.

Who we serve

Relationship building

Our clients are successful corporate executives and accomplished business owners whose careers have afforded them great prosperity.

As we get to know you as a client, we fit together the puzzle pieces of your financial picture, creating a cohesive and comprehensive solution, standing by you as move forward along your wealth journey.

How we help

We specialize

We specialize in working closely with each individual client to truly understand the goals and values that inform and drive their decision making.

We lead

We lead by building a team of trusted advisors – CPAs, Estate attorneys, Insurance specialists - as well as engaging your current advisors.

We serve

We serve as your advisor, listening intently, offering advice objectively, and building strategies that align with your preferences for preserving and growing capital and solutions that address the myriad challenges of todays’ complex world.

We focus

We focus on tax-efficiencies. We have advanced business and legal degrees, so our counsel is insightful and practical – with your best interests always as our priority.

Frequently asked questions


1. Why did you choose to start your own firm?

Questar Capital Partners is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to helping accomplished individuals and successful families develop detailed financial plans that specifically address their short-term needs and their long-range ambitions.

We do not report to a corporate headquarters whose agenda puts shareholders ahead of clients. Our independence gives us the freedom and flexibility to tailor our recommendations by accessing unlimited solutions from industry-leading sources, including banking, lending, investments, financial planning, and estate planning.

* Questar Capital Partners is a DBA of Sanctuary Securities, Inc. and Sanctuary Advisors, LLC; however, we own 100% of our independent firm. To provide our clients with the services we offer, we are Registered Representatives of Sanctuary Securities Inc. (Member FINRA, SIPC) and Investment Advisor Representatives of Sanctuary Advisors, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser.

2. How do you describe the benefits of being a client of your new firm?

First and foremost, you will benefit from the collaborative approach we take in helping you identify your values and pursue your goals and dreams.

  • Access to a Broader Marketplace: Because we’re independent and own our own firm, we work in an open architecture, which means that we can access best-in-class products and services, including banking and lending solutions, from a wide variety of resource partners.
  • Robust Planning Solutions: We will be using advanced planning software from eMoney. This tool has robust capabilities that will allow you, and our team, to view, in real time, your complete financial picture, including assets held at other firms. eMoney also has a secure, user-friendly “Vault” which enables you to safely store important documents, such as trusts, wills, tax filings, insurance documents, titles, etc. You will be able to choose to share the uploaded documents with our team, in cases where it is helpful for us to have access to them.
  • Exceptional Client Service: With your best interests as our only agenda, our team is free to focus exclusively on addressing your individual service needs.

3. What has changed?

Clients who choose to transition their relationship to Questar Capital Partners will see no change in their day-to-day experience with us. However, an important decision underlying the launch of our new firm was our selection of Charles Schwab as the custodian of our clients’ assets.

Though our name and logo have changed, our commitment to you is amplified by our ability to act in your best interest without corporate policies that could compromise our actions. Your account holdings and fees will remain unchanged. The transfer of your accounts to our new custodian, Charles Schwab, will not create a taxable event.

4. Why did we choose to be part of the advisor network at Sanctuary Wealth?

We are able to leverage the technology, tools, and standardized processes available through Sanctuary Wealth that help maximize scalability and manage risk so that we can reinvest time where it matters most—with clients like you. By partnering with Sanctuary, we are able to deliver operational excellence, maintain a strong culture of compliance, and offer a robust cybersecurity program, which will safeguard the information clients entrust to our guidance


5. How do I know my assets will be safe with the new custodian?

The safety and security of your assets is of critical importance to us. With that in mind, and after a rigorous due diligence process, we selected Charles Schwab as our custodian based on their infrastructure, research, technology, and service capabilities. We are incredibly impressed with the measures they take to protect client assets, and we are reassured by their strength, size, and reputation in the industry. One of the largest and most trusted custodian firms in the country, Schwab has generated more than $11 billion in net revenues and administers $8 trillion in total client assets. The U.S. government has deemed Charles Schwab one of the country's nine systemically important financial institutions.


6. Will the way you manage money change in any way?

The core strategies we use to manage assets will not change, and of course, our investment management solutions are always specifically tailored to each client’s risk parameters, timeline, and long-term objectives. What will improve, however, are certain capabilities, including our enhanced interactive financial planning, as well as broader access to more investment products and strategies, created by working in an open architecture environment.

Banking Products

7. What about banking services?

As we are now an independent team, we have the ability to go out in the marketplace on behalf of our clients to identify comparable or better options than their current situation. We can advise you on what is the best banking relationship solution specifically for their needs – whether with a local, regional or national bank. This encompasses mortgages, lines of credit, as well as other specialized lending solutions.

Client Service

8. Will the fees you charge differ at your new firm?

No, the fees we charge as an investment advisor are the same as at our previous firm. Today our clients benefit from what Questar Capital Partners can now access: best-in-class products, services, and technologies that weren’t available in our previous environment. In fact, with our new custodian, there will be no transfer fees, ATM fees (at any ATM), or account maintenance fees.

9. How long does it take to transition assets from the old firm to your new firm?

Once you sign the account opening and transfer documents found in the Welcome Packet we send, we will submit a request to our prior firm to begin the transfer process. The transfer process usually takes 5 to 10 business days to complete, once submitted to the prior firm. We will monitor your accounts daily for progress and confirm once all assets have transitioned and are posted to your account at Questar Capital Partners. Once your accounts have transferred, we will work with you to re-establish any recurring payments and other transfers you may currently have.

10. How will I be able to view and access my assets once they transition to my new accounts?

You will be able to view your assets by utilizing the Client Login section. Once you log in, you will have the same type of access to all of your accounts and the ability to utilize services as you had been accustomed to. You can also install the Schwab app on your phone to view your assets, view activity in your accounts, and perform services such as depositing checks into your accounts.

11. Where are you located and how can I reach the team?

Our new office is located at:
115 W. Century Rd., Suite 180
Paramus, NJ 07652
(850) 655-6500
[email protected]

Next Steps

12. What are next steps if I would like to work with your new firm?

The total process will take approximately two weeks from the date you return our Welcome Packet transition paperwork to our team, and we will do everything we can to ensure the transition is a positive experience. It’s likely you will receive a call from our prior firm asking you to initiate a relationship with a randomly assigned advisor, who will claim to be able to serve you better. We sincerely believe that the opportunity to retain a longstanding relationship with us – with our personal, proven commitment to your individual needs, combined with the newly available benefits of our independent firm – will outweigh any minor inconvenience posed by the transition itself.

13. What will I find in my welcome kit?

You will find all the necessary documents relevant to your transition, including information about our new firm, Questar Capital Partners, and the safety and security of our custodian, Charles Schwab. Please contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience, so we can review the materials together.

Message From Our Founding Partners

We are excited to announce that, after 30 years, we have decided to start our own independent wealth management firm, Questar Capital Partners. Questar will have one singular focus: the ultimate success of our clients.

We have spent countless hours vetting potential partners that would allow us the freedom and flexibility to make our new firm a reality and keep our clients’ assets secure. This process led us to Sanctuary Wealth and Charles Schwab as the best partners to accomplish our goals and protect our clients. Through these partners, Questar will have comprehensive, independent investment choices and best-in-class technology. The depth of resources will allow for creative and innovative solutions that will elevate our clients’ experience all while their assets are protected by Schwab, a custodian with 50 years of experience and $8 trillion in client assets.

In the past, our clients have benefited from our dedicated focus on financial planning and appreciated our team’s platinum level of service. These elements are core to the services Questar will provide. As an independent firm, we can also be a true fiduciary on behalf of our clients. Working in an open architecture environment, we have free rein to marshal solutions from best-in-class partners across the industry. The solutions we offer will help our clients get from where they are financially to where they want to be.

We believe that combining world class multi-source investments and cutting-edge technology, we can deliver an unparalleled experience to our clients.

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Richard Reyle

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Gerry Spitzer