The service we offer our clients is highly personalized to their particular needs.

We meet with our clients and have in-depth conversations to clearly understand their values, goals and what truly matters in their lives. As part of our financial planning process and identifying specific recommendations, we solve a wide range of problems while answering many types of questions.

Here is just a sampling of the questions our clients bring to us:

What amount of assets do I need to live a dignified, no-compromise retirement that fully accounts for the effects of taxation and inflation?

How do I build a lasting tax efficient legacy for my children and grandchildren as well as benefiting a charity or cherished institution?

As a senior corporate executive, how do I preserve and maximize the wealth I’ve created with a concentrated company stock?

As a business owner, how do I liquify and exit my business tax-efficiently?

Once retired, how do I maintain the monthly cash flow as I have enjoyed throughout my working years?

The Questar team has the answers to these questions and many more.

Message From Our Founding Partners

We are excited to announce that, after 30 years, we have decided to start our own independent wealth management firm, Questar Capital Partners. Questar will have one singular focus: the ultimate success of our clients.

We have spent countless hours vetting potential partners that would allow us the freedom and flexibility to make our new firm a reality and keep our clients’ assets secure. This process led us to Sanctuary Wealth and Charles Schwab as the best partners to accomplish our goals and protect our clients. Through these partners, Questar will have comprehensive, independent investment choices and best-in-class technology. The depth of resources will allow for creative and innovative solutions that will elevate our clients’ experience all while their assets are protected by Schwab, a custodian with 50 years of experience and $8 trillion in client assets.

In the past, our clients have benefited from our dedicated focus on financial planning and appreciated our team’s platinum level of service. These elements are core to the services Questar will provide. As an independent firm, we can also be a true fiduciary on behalf of our clients. Working in an open architecture environment, we have free rein to marshal solutions from best-in-class partners across the industry. The solutions we offer will help our clients get from where they are financially to where they want to be.

We believe that combining world class multi-source investments and cutting-edge technology, we can deliver an unparalleled experience to our clients.

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Richard Reyle

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